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Music Is My Friend

All I want is to keep on trucking, I think I could with a little bit of luck. Come too far to just get stuck, So I refuse to die. – Sydney Sprague I think many of my favorite songs are aspirational. They often describe people I wish I had in my life. Those times […]

2022: The Illusion of Normality

It’s been an odd year. It seems like a quiet year with fewer events than I’m used to, but then I remember that we lost a couple of years somewhere along the way. This might be the first year I see more Florida Orchestra shows than all other concerts combined, which sounds like I’m getting […]


“I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones Who doesn’t love an underdog? For many years my neighborhood has had several stray cats in it. I’ve been feeding them more or less since they took care of a little problem […]

2021: The Eye of the Storm

“The first time it was a tragedy The second time it’s a farce Outside it’s 1933 so I’m hitting the bar” – Frank Turner, 1933 It’s been a frustrating year. The world continues to be stupid. At least things on a personal level have been going well, knock on wood. I’m thankful that we have […]

I’m a Pilot

I’m a Pilot. Since I was five years old I have wanted to say that. It’s not the longest-held dream I’ve had, but it’s damn close. It took me (mumble) years to get here, but I am now the very proud holder of a private pilot’s certificate. It took much longer to get here than […]

Write Stuff

My name is Rob, and I am addicted to fountain pens. As addictions go, this is a pretty safe one. The only damage is to my wallet and the storage space in my office. I am occasionally surprised that this became a thing for me. I’ve always had this attraction to stationary products, so I’ve […]

2019: A Storm Gathers

It seems this has become a site for yearly wrap-ups, and here we are again. This time we watch 2019 comes to a close. I look back at 2018’s entry and I wrote “I suspect things will get worse before they get better.” That has held true, but let me try not to get ahead […]

Story of my life: Songs

Random brain-dump of songs that remind me of people, places, and events. In some cases this is just a single song representative of an entire album. In every case, the song holds some connection for me. 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite Ani Difranco, Parameters Ani Difranco, Untouchable Face Ani Difranco, Welcome To Arlo Guthrie, Motorcycle Song […]

My Friend Is Gone

This is Kitty. She used to have a different name, but I always just called her “Kitty” and so we eventually changed her name to that. My friend Chad brought her to us on the very first full day that we spent in our new house. For about a year she was an only cat. […]

2017: Making 2016 Look Like the Golden Age

2017 has been a Jekyll-and-Hyde kind of year. In the larger sense it often feels like I’m living through some of my history books that were dedicated to illustrating where great societies chose to fail, written with the optimism that having learned the lesson, we would be smart enough to avoid such mistakes in the […]