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Random Thoughts from France

I finally finished processing the pictures from France. Already it seems like it was so long ago. Here are some random thoughts from the trip. Several Paris Metro stations are artistically themed. Arts et Métiers is done in a Jules Verne theme that makes it look like a steampunk station. Louvre-Rivoli has copies of some […]

Random Thoughts from the UK

Back in September we got back from our trip to the UK about 12 hours before we needed to be back at work. I’ve still not finished going through the 700+ pictures, but here are some observations from the trip. Scotland: I saw more sheep in my first two hours in Scotland than I had […]

Ticket to Ride

I will often plan trips around an event. I have traveled to many places around the country where I’ve had tickets to concerts or sporting events. One funny side effect of this is that I get emails every week from places I’ve been to, advertising new events. I don’t have immediate plans to get back […]


We had plans for this year. They never happened…


Apparently even quarterly updates are too much for me to keep up with on this site

2010 Photos

Here are some of my favorite shots of 2010.

Back From the Swamp

Well that wasn’t so difficult. I spent three days in the Everglades, at Flamingo Campground, which is at the extreme southern tip of the Florida Peninsula. I went there with the goal of getting away from the world for a while, and finding some peace and quiet. I really didn’t manage to find peace. The […]

Getting Away

Can you think of a time in your life when you experienced some kind of epiphany? Most of mine seem to happen when I’m the road somewhere, traveling to or standing in front of some beautiful scenery.

2009 Travel

The year’s travel calendar was more conservative than it has been in recent years…

Midnight Ride

I drove across the state on a lark back in June, trying to catch a launch of the space shuttle. It didn’t go. Since I’d gotten my hopes up, I kept trying every time NASA had a launch scheduled when I could make it to the east coast. I spent an entire weekend waiting through […]