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2009 Addendum (Avatar)

Turns out that Hollywood didn’t completely disappoint me this year. Avatar was the bright spot for me among 2009’s domestic releases. The story is pure cliché, and nothing comes as a surprise. The movie was hyped to a level that no movie could possibly reach, including this one. The dialog is distractingly bad in spots, […]

2009 Concerts and Shows

Books and movies are nice, but the year’s concert schedule was the true highlight of 2009’s entertainment. I got to see a few old favorites such as Dream Theater and Ani Difranco, a few great bands I’ve just started listening to this year like Muse and Metric, as well as a bunch of older bands […]

2009 Movies & Books

I know I saw a bunch of movies this year. I’d have a hard time naming more than a handful though. There were a few gems, but looking over my list I see that all of them came from overseas. I guess Hollywood left me a little flat in 2009. Departures was probably my favorite […]

2009 Travel

The year’s travel calendar was more conservative than it has been in recent years…

2009 Wrap-Up

2009 is winding down…