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Music Is My Friend

All I want is to keep on trucking, I think I could with a little bit of luck. Come too far to just get stuck, So I refuse to die. – Sydney Sprague I think many of my favorite songs are aspirational. They often describe people I wish I had in my life. Those times […]

Forever Starts Now

I used to think I was a decent guy. I didn’t know the truth of it until I found myself in a situation where I had every reason to be rotten to a person who mistreated me, I knew I wouldn’t get caught, and still chose to be a decent guy. I used to believe […]

There are dead people in my address book

There are dead people in my address book. I just can’t bring myself to delete them. For friends and family that are no longer here, it’s like a digital tombstone sitting on my disk drive. Here’s their last phone number; their last address; their birthday. It’s never been easy for me to let go, and […]

No-Go For Launch

I’ve set a personal record of a sort.  I’ve gone through an entire year without visiting the east coast of Florida before, but now I’ve managed to drive over there 4 times in the space of a single month.  I’ve never made so many cross-state trips in such a short timeframe. One trip was to […]

Paths Not Taken

I spent Saturday on the east coast of Florida. I made a quick stop in Miami’s South Beach to watch the sun come up: After that I drove up to Palm Beach County to check out all of the places there that I used to live. I’d been over to that area exactly once since […]