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Story of my life: Songs

Random brain-dump of songs that remind me of people, places, and events. In some cases this is just a single song representative of an entire album. In every case, the song holds some connection for me. 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite Ani Difranco, Parameters Ani Difranco, Untouchable Face Ani Difranco, Welcome To Arlo Guthrie, Motorcycle Song […]

Ten of the albums that most influenced a teenaged me

This one has been going around Facebook a bit. I like to give more detail, so it’s more of a blog post for me, as well as an opportunity to make more than one post a year. It’s also an illustration of how far behind me those teenage years are. A while back I made […]

King of the Blues

B.B. King passed away last night. As I’ve mentioned before, I have seen literally hundreds. B.B. King was one of the ones I got to see a couple of times, and I have never seen a more gracious performer

Best setlist of your life

I’m a sucker for “Top x” lists. I thought I would make one of my own that I haven’t seen before. I like live music. From my first concert (Iron Maiden in 1986) I was hooked. I have seen literally hundreds of bands in my life, and I do mean literally. I had seen over […]


Apparently even quarterly updates are too much for me to keep up with on this site

Another Year Gone By

As the year winds down it’s that time once again for reflection on the year past. Time to mentally catalog the past year and look forward to the upcoming year. Travel-wise it was a mixed year. This was a year of small weekend getaways instead of big trips. This is the first year in the […]

2009 Concerts and Shows

Books and movies are nice, but the year’s concert schedule was the true highlight of 2009’s entertainment. I got to see a few old favorites such as Dream Theater and Ani Difranco, a few great bands I’ve just started listening to this year like Muse and Metric, as well as a bunch of older bands […]


The big show that I’d been waiting for throughout the year has finally come & gone. I got to see U2 for the first time at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. I’d never been interested in seeing a show in a football stadium before. Even hockey arena concerts are usually too big & impersonal for […]

Have You Ever…

The Offspring are a band that’s 25 years old now. Most bands that have been around that long are just coasting on their past success, but the Offspring’s latest album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is as good as anything they’ve done before.

Maybe that’s part of the reason why last Thursday’s Offspring concert at Orlando’s Hard Rock was so good