2009 Concerts and Shows

Books and movies are nice, but the year’s concert schedule was the true highlight of 2009’s entertainment. I got to see a few old favorites such as Dream Theater and Ani Difranco, a few great bands I’ve just started listening to this year like Muse and Metric, as well as a bunch of older bands I’ve listened to for years but never seen in concert like The Offspring and U2.

I just can’t pick a favorite show for the year. VNV Nation is great anytime I get to see them, and they had Ayria opening for them so it was a great all-around show. Tom Petty just played so many classics back-to-back that the entire show had everyone on their feet. Nine Inch Nails always put on a good show, and to see them opening for Jane’s Addiction made for a great show even if it was at the world’s worst amphitheatre.

Billy Joel and Elton John was a good show, but could have been a little better. I like Elton, but I guess I’m a bit biased. Elton John played everything I wanted to hear and then some, while Billy Joel only got to play about half of the songs I had hoped for. The Offspring were just fantastic. That and Metric made for the two shows that were probably the most fun all year. In both cases the crowds were completely into the show. My first U2 show was an event to remember, and I was thrilled that Muse opened for them.

Besides straight-up concerts, I did get to see a few theatrical presentations that were top-notch. American Stage in St. Pete opened their new location with Tuesdays With Morrie, which was a very engaging play based on the Mitch Albom book. I had second-row tickets to see Stomp again, and had front-row in the balcony of the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway to see Chicago, which was one hell of an entertaining show.

So that was 2009. Of course there was a lot to the year beyond mere entertainment, but like I said I wanted to focus on the positive moments. 2010 is shaping up to be an interesting year. Let’s see what we can do with it 😉

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