Ticket to Ride

I will often plan trips around an event. I have traveled to many places around the country where I’ve had tickets to concerts or sporting events. One funny side effect of this is that I get emails every week from places I’ve been to, advertising new events.

I don’t have immediate plans to get back to any of those places but I haven’t yet brought myself to unsubscribe from the emails. I get a smile on my face when I think about the places I’ve been to and the events I’ve seen. I get an email from a place in Denver and I remember going to see B.B. King at Red Rocks after hiking in the mountains. I get an email from Soldier Field and I remember seeing the New Zealand All Blacks and visiting my friends Alex and Rachel in Chicago.

It’s almost as if this email spam is a form of postcard sent to myself to remind me about the places I’ve been, and how fortunate I have been. I think I’ll stay on the mailing lists for now.

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