This is how spoiled I am:

While at work, I sit in front of a huge 8th floor office window (basically the entire wall is a window) that looks out over the Saint Petersburg yacht basin, Straub Park, and Tampa Bay.

Eight floors above me, the building has my bank’s name on it, and if I need to go to the bank during the week it’s just an elevator ride away.

Outside of my office there is a shopping center, movie theater, outdoor concert venue, and theatrical playhouse.  All of that is within ONE BLOCK of my office.

If I go out to two or three blocks from the office, there are a couple of museums, over a dozen restaurants, a few wine/beer bars, and several parks, including a couple right next to the water.

It won’t last. Nothing ever does, but I’ll sure as hell enjoy it while I can.

Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg

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